Wall of fame

You can find here some chemical related links and videos

Richard Phillips Feynman was a physicists that contributed to quantum electrodynamics, superfluidity and  nanotechnology. Richard Feyman was one the greatest scientist of the XX century. He described nature as a chess game that is player by Gods. We do not know the rules of this great game but we are allowed to look a the game from a corner of the room. Sometimes, if we pay attention, we  might identify some rules of the game so then we will be able to play for a bit and have more fun! Please enjoy his thoughts about Science and Nature in the following videos!!

I would like to continue with this masterful lectures of one of the best scientists, Linus C. Pauling

He changed for ever our conception of the Universe.... I guess he is worth for an hour of your time...

You will also see Linus Pauling and many others talking about him in the video, please enjoy!

Rest in peace Dr. Roger Tsien. We will miss you!! 54 years after Pauling’s Nobel Price (The Nature of the Chemical Bond, 1939), Roger Tsien received the Nobel Price in Chemistry for his work in fluorescent proteins. His achievements constitute an incredible tool that many chemist’s (including me) use nowadays to illuminate chemical processes. Furthermore, Roger Tsien was one of the best speakers I had the opportunity to hear in a lecture. Please enjoy this general lecture where he tells a bit about his work and also some curiosities about the nobel ceremony.

Much more coming up soon!