Group Members

Irene Lostalé

(P3L1) +34881815792

Postdoctoral associate. Irene obtained her Ph.D. in virology at the USC.  Irene works on the cell biology division of the group. She also develops new methods to characterize endosomal escape and protein function. Out of the lab Irene enjoys landscape photography and reading sci-fi books. email: irene.lostale@usc.es

Ignacio Insua

(P1L5) +34881815755

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow

Postdoctoral associate. Nacho received his PhD from the University of Birmingham in 2017 (Dr. Francisco Fernández-Trillo). He then joined the University of Melbourne as a Postdoc (Prof. Greg Qiao, 2017-18). His research focuses on the application of polymers and peptides, through self-assembly and nanotechnology, as biomedical tools. He enjoys playing the bass and chess. Email: ignacio.insua.lopez@usc.es

Julián Bergueiro

(P3L1) +34881815792

Juan de la Cierva (Incorporación) Postdoctoral associate. Julian received his Ph.D. (USC, 2013, Dr. Susana López). He then with  Prof. Riguera in stimuli-response helical polymers, Prof. M. Calderón (2014, Freie Universität Berlin) in biomaterials and 2016 with Prof. Tajuzo Aida (Tokyo UNiversity) in molecular glues.  In 2018 he joined Montenegro's Lab (JdC-Incorporación). His research is focused in supramolecular chemistry and helical polymeric systems. Email: julian.bergueiro@gmail.com

Marisa Juanes

(P1L5) +34881815755

Postdoctoral associate. Marisa obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2019 under the supervision of Javier and Prof. Juan Granja. Marisa’s research interests are focused in the evaluation of the topological control of peptides for membrane transport of nucleic acids and proteins. In her spare time Marisa likes playing the piano and  going to the cinema.

Email: marialuisa.juanes@usc.es

Postdoctoral associate. After obtaining his PhD in Supramolecular Organic chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Juan Granja in 2019, Alberto joined the ERC-PoC project to assist on the tecnology transfer process. Among other hobbies, he enjoys riding his mountain bike, hiking and dystopian films and novels.

Email: alberto.fuertes@usc.es

Alicia Rioboo

(P3L1) +34881815792

F.P.U. PhD student.  Alicia has just started a research program related with organic synthesis of molecules with biological application, starting with carbohydrates during her final degree project and focused now in the synthesis of fluorophores. Out of the lab, she likes reading, playing piano and spending time in nature, especially with animals. Email: alicia.rioboo@rai.usc.es 

Alfonso Bayón

(P3L1) +34881815792

Xunta de Galicia fellowship, PhD student.  Alfonso holds a Pharmacy degree and he is engaged in PhD focused in the application of cyclic and lineal peptide amphiphiles for the confined fibrillation with potential applications as biomaterials in tissue engineering. Alfonso enjoys playing sports, specially football and tennis, traveling and hanging out with friends. email: alfonso.bayon@rai.usc.es

Sandra Arias

(P3L1) +34881815792

PhD student (2nd year).  Sandra  joined the group in 2019 for her Master in Organic Chemistry and decided to stay for her Ph.D. towards the preparation of supramolecular 2D self-assembled materials and helical penetrating molecular switches.

email: sandra_diaz_arias@hotmail.com

Rebeca Gómez

(P3L1) +34881815792

PhD student (2nd year) Rebeca obtained her MSc in Molecular and Biological Chemistry at the EPFL (Switzerland). Her research  is focused in bioconjugation and the synthesis of peptides for the assembly of fluorescent probes and therapeutics. In her spare time, Rebeca enjoys travelling, reading and playing the piano.       

Email: rebecagomez.ojea@usc.es

Patricia Lago

(P3D9) +34881815760

Administrative assistant.  Patri holds a degree in Chemistry  from the University of Santiago de Compostela and she supports the group in management, economical and technical assistance duties. Patri enjoys hiking and travelling, discovering new places and practising yoga. email: p.lago@usc.es 

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Alberto Fuertes

(P1L5) +34881815755

Jose M. Martínez

(P3L1) +34881815792

PhD student (1st year). Jose joined the group for his Master's Degree in Organic Chemistry in 2020. Afterwards, he started his PhD on supramolecular strategies in non-canonical peptide assemblies. email: josem.martinez@usc.es

Patricia Fulías

(P3L1) +34881815792

PhD student (1st year).  Since Patricia joined the group in 2019 for her B.Sc. Final Project she has been involved in the synthesis of ratiomeric fluorophores for intracellular sensing. In her spare time, she enjoys reading about social policiy, spending time with family and learning new things.

email: patricia.fulias@rai.usc.es

Yeray Folgar-Cameán

(P1L5) +34881815755

PhD student (1st year).  Yeray holds a BSc in Biology and in 2019 he joined the group thanks to an undergraduate research fellowship. His research interests are focused on the application of chemistry to face biomedical challenges, with a particular emphasis on gene and antibiotic delivery systems. Yeray spends most of his spare time expanding his entomological, mineral, and fossil collections, besides taking care of his plants and playing the piano.

email: yeray.folgar@rai.usc.es

The group and a bit more in 2019/2020

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Adrian Sánchez

(P3L1) +34881815792

María Zambrano-Postdoctoral fellow.

Adrián obtained his PhD in Chemistry in 2018 from the University of Bath under the supervision of Prof. Karen Edler. After that, he moved to Lund University as a postdoc. He joined the Montenegro Grop in 2021 to work on the development of new molecular vehicles for membrane transport. Outside the lab, Adrián enjoys climbing, spending time in nature, and reading.

Email: adrian.sanchez.fdez@gmail.com

Giulia Salluce

(P3L1) +34881815792

F.P.I. PhD student. Giulia obtained the BSc and MSc Degrees in Biotechnology from the University of Milan – Bicocca (2015), She then spend one year in Spain and one year in Finland working in molecular biology to expand her academic formation. She joined the Montenegro Group in 2017 for her Ph.D. in novel systems for the delivery of functional proteins. Giulia has always loved classical ballet and she also enjoys photography.

email: giuliasalluce@usc.es

The group  in 2022

Manuel Pérez

(P1L5) +34881815755

Master student. Manuel holds a BSc in Biotechnology and he is enrolled in a MSc on Chemistry at the Interface with Biology and Materials Science. He joined the group in 2021 for my MSc project. My research is focused on peptide-based nucleic acid delivery systems. In his spare time, Manuel enjoys spending time in nature, hiking and exploring Galician culture. manuel.perez.perez@rai.usc.es  

Lucía Méndez

(P1L5) +34881815755

Final degree project. In 2021, Lucía joined the group for her undergraduate research internship. Currently, she works on the pH-responsive assembly of peptide hydrogels for her final degree project. Out of the lab, she enjoys doing rhythmic gymnastics and hanging out with friends. lucia.mendez.gomez@rai.usc.es